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Bring Auto Insurance Rates Down

The drivers on your policy will also have a profound effect on your Murrieta auto insurance. Perhaps you twin have now turned 16. Great day for them! Expensive insurance quote day for you. There are ways for your child to help you bring their auto insurance rates down. A “Good Student Discount” can be as much as 15% of the teenager insurance portion of your policy. We have clients that have saved as much as $300 every six months on their Mercury Insurance policy. We will simply need to provide carriers like Progressive Insurance with a copy of the high school or college students last semester’s report card and then parents are rewarded with a lower rate instantly. Now the brand new Ford Mustang GT convertible isn’t completely ridiculous, it’s only just ridiculous.

Tips for Parents

A great tip to parents whose children are away at school is to ask us here at Granite Mountain Insurance about the “Away At School Discount”. If your student is at school over a hundred miles away and doesn’t have a car with them, we can add in another auto insurance discount. In this situation we normal suggest leaving your children as a listed driver on your Mercury Insurance or Progressive Insurance policy. If removed from your policy they will have no coverage provided by your car insurance in the event that they get behind the wheel of a friend’s car to drive them home. If their friend has active auto insurance that’s fantastic and if they don’t well your family can be in quite a predicament.

Most people love their car. And in a way a car acts like a child. There is no thank you when you pay for tires. When you ask to please start this morning it will listen to you…sometimes. All said, your car gets you where you need to go. Your car enhances your life every single day. Whether you have a love or hate relationship with your car, you need to take steps to protect it and yourself.

Auto insurance is meant to protect your family and your car after an accident both in and out of the car. The best protection is provided we at Granite Mountain Insurance know as much about you as possible. It is our responsibility to spend time with you asking poignant questions to help determine what is most important to you.

This may be questions about your assets, so that the appropriate limits of bodily injury coverage protects you from others if severe injuries occur as a result of accident. High coverage limits protects your possessions, from claims for the care and rehabilitation of others. In the same vein, high limits of uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage will financially keep you on track after an uninsured driver causes physical injury to your family. Your medical bills, loss of earning and overall inconvenience will be taken care of.

Often times, a few dollars more will translate into tens of thousands dollars more in coverage!

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