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Motorcycle Insurance

As every experienced rider in Murrieta knows a large part of the danger on the road comes from vehicles whose drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings. This can be a frequent occurs down the 15 in the Temecula Valley. It is extremely important to have a high level of uninsured motorist insurance coverage. Whether an uninsured driver makes contact with you or not this protection gets you on the road to recovery after an uninsured driver causes you physical injury. Your medical bills, loss of earning and overall inconvenience will be made whole.

Carriers like Progressive Insurance Motorcycle Division have built a product that focus on the needs and wants of the rider. Full replacement cost and no depreciation will get your motorcycle back to its pre-accident condition, perhaps even better. After a claim a Progressive Insurance motorcycle policy can get you a brand new motorcycle.

To ensure that you get right back to riding there are options such as Safeco’s “New Harley Replacement”.  Let’s say that you planned and saved up to finally make that Harley go from a dream to a reality. Unfortunately someone else had the dream, but instead of saving up they just took yours.  Luck for you Safeco has a special place in their hearts for Harleys and their owners. Provided with the purchase of every Safeco motorcycle policy a Two year replacement cost coverage for your new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is included. No arguing about how much sentimental value your prized position had, now you are able to just go get a new one.

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