Life Insurance

Take a minute and seriously think about how important life insurance is…no seriously a whole minute. We know you love your family and you work hard every day to make sure they are taken care off. The kids have everything they need for school, your significant other has the time and money to go grocery shopping and the mortgage/rent is paid. These are just normal everyday things and that will be difficult if you are not here. Your family has a certain standard of living. At whatever income level you are at without your contribution it will be difficult to maintain. I’m not just talking about the bread winner of the house, I’m also talking about the person at home making sure the household runs smoothly and the kids are taken care of.

Whether it’s the paycheck you bring home from work or the prevention of the thousands of dollars a year in daycare costs, you need life insurance! I know life insurance seems scary and that some people feel like it is bad mojo to even entertain the thought process, but your family needs should superseded all of that. Taken another minute…ok maybe 30 seconds to think about what would happen over the next 60 days if you were not here. First, could the bills get paid? Second, does your significant other have to rush out to try and find a job? Still not an easy task in this market. Third, whose is watching your kids while their parent is at this new job?

I am not trying to scare you! I am bringing reality to your doorstep. Each one of these things will need to be dealt with if you are not here tomorrow. That is a fact. There are a million reasons to wait, not one of them is better than making sure your loved ones will be taken care of. We often hear, “Oh yeah we don’t need it, we have life insurance through work” to which I will reply “That’s great! What is the amount of coverage” and most often the answer is, “Uh I don’t know.” I’m going to sound like your mom now, but that is unacceptable. Know how much life insurance you have and keep it in a safe place. I promise you it’s never as much as you think.

We are a family community in Temecula and Murrieta life insurance should be a part of everyday conversation.  Don’t put it off, at a minimum get the process started. It takes a few weeks to even set it up and there is no money needed to submit an application. It will take 10 minutes of your time. Call us and we will be kind, nonjudgmental and thorough. This is an important move and we are proud of you for even taking the time to read this.

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