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How much aggravation, mental anguish, let alone money did it take you to purchase your home? Probably quite a bit of all three. Your home is the place where your family can be at peace, whether it’s family dinner round the table, having a movie night or simply getting a great night sleep after a grueling day.

It is vital that you protect your home. It is your investment, security, sanctuary and all those other fantastic adjectives that describe a place in which most memories are created. By properly insuring your home it will be rebuilt to your expectations.

When looking for Murrieta home insurance or Temecula home insurance it is important to have an understanding of the carriers you are working with. At Granite Mountain Insurance Agency we are well versed with carriers such as  Safeco Insurance, Mercury Insurance, Kemper Insurance and many others.

When you choose a home, you look at far more than the price. Likewise, the right home insurance goes far beyond the monthly premiums. We will help you choose the right coverage for your situation. However it helps to know the a few basic ideas so here are a few.

The largest contributing factor is the square footage of your residence. Obviously the larger the home the more your Mercury home insurance policy will be. The “Dwelling Value” can vary greatly from our coverage assessment here at Granite Mountain Insurance to a company/agent that is more concerned with witting a policy than rebuilding your home. As ridiculous as it seems we have issued Temecula home insurance policies for new clients that were underinsured by hundreds of thousands of dollars. When an insurance agent doesn’t explain the value of having correctly placed home insurance and stresses only price you end up with enough coverage to rebuild only part of your home.

Homeowners insurance protects you in case of damage to your dwelling or property, injury to your guests, or events for which you may be held liable for injuring another person or damaging their property. It may provide you with options to purchase additional coverage. You may also request an increase in limits if you’ve renovated your property, or have special possessions like art, jewelry or other collectibles for which you’d like extra protection.

There are many ways to modify your Murrieta home insurance so you have the coverage you need to rebuild the property, while reducing the cost of your annual premium. By increasing your deductible to $2500, you can typically see a drop of $150 to $300 per year.

Mercury Insurance is best known for their low rates on auto insurance. However when combined with your Murrieta home insurance policy you can save 15% off of both policies effective immediately. This multi policy discount can also be increased with the addition of umbrella insurance, motorcycle insurance and a rental home insurance policy.

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